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Fort Bend County represents proactive, competitive, pro-business public policy that encourages business expansion and relocation, built around low taxes, aggressive advocacy for pro-business state and federal legislation, and local strategies that encourage investment and job creation.

The Houston metro area is the most diverse in the nation, and right here, in Fort Bend County, is the most diverse part of the region. By 2050, all of America will look like Houston today. This is where the American future is going to be worked out.
Prof. Steven Klineberg, Kinder Institute For Urban Research

Although Fort Bend County is home to national and international companies with significant infrastructure in place, there is still a great deal of land available for commercial development and redevelopment- from office and retail to industrial-as well as business parks and building complexes available for repurposing.

Fort Bend Immigrant Community Contributions

  • 32% - Foreign born

  • 38% - Total business income in Fort Bend

  • $11 B - Contribution to GDP

  • 80% - Home Ownership

  • 36% - Purchasing Power

Key International Advantages

Proximity To Houston

With its proximity to Houston, Fort Bend County is home to national and international companies such as SABIC Technology Center, Minute Maid, Texas Instruments, Fluor Corporation, and Schlumberger, as well as small to medium-sized companies focused on the manufacturing, distribution, and service arenas. The workforce, business climate, and quality of life make Fort Bend the perfect place for foreign investment.

Twenty minutes from Houston’s thriving commercial centers -from the Galleria to downtown- Fort Bend County has quick, easy access to the pulse of Houston, its ports and airports, and recreational outlets.

Foreign Trade Zone Designation

Within the foreign trade zone serving Fort Bend County, such as the Port of Freeport, goods can be stored, manufactured, tested, disposed of, exhibited, and repackaged without incurring US Customs duties and taxes. Highway 36A, running through significant sections of Fort Bend County, provides quick, direct access to the Port of Freeport. The Port of Freeport’s FTZ was expanded in 2010 to include the Intermodal Center, a joint venture between Kansas City Southern (KCS) Railroad and Center Point Properties, in Fort Bend County.

Aggressive Incentive Structure

Proactive federal, state, and local incentives targeting foreign investment, including the EB5 immigrant investor program, stimulating the economy through job creation and capital investment by foreign investors.

Most Ethnically Diverse County In The Region

Percentage of Immigrants in Fort Bend Industry

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