Zones & Districts Map | Fort Bend Economic Development Council

Fort Bend County’s population is expanding rapidly and the county and communities within Fort Bend work cooperatively to support a growing, diverse community.  With our growth trajectory continuing to point upward, the focus remains on ensure the community has access to programs and infrastructure the support sustainable, quality growth.


Infrastructure has long been a priority for the county, resulting in a transportation system that keep a large county moving, both in and around the county.   Interstate 69, the Grand Parkway, Fort Bend Toll Road, Highway 36A have all expanded and/or extended to support the community. 

Opportunity Zones & MUD

The county has five Opportunity Zones to spur investment in underserved communities, and significant parcels of single-owner large tracts of land for development with access to rail, the interstate, and easy access to Port Freeport. A large Municipal Utility District (MUD) footprint encourages development in the large unincorporated areas of Fort Bend.

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