Advanced Manufacturing | Fort Bend Economic Development Council

Fort Bend County is home to a highly skilled workforce and access to major roads, seaports, rail, and air combine with the county’s strategic location with access to both domestic and international markets to make Fort Bend a hub for advanced manufacturing.  

Advanced Manufacturing Center For Excellence

Fort Bend County is home to the Houston Community College Advanced Manufacturing Center which focuses on training qualified workers in high-growth, high-demand and high-wages occupations in machining, additive manufacturing, robotics, CNC operations and advanced manufacturing.

Training the Workforce

The educational institutions in Fort Bend work collaboratively with industry to fill the pipeline with skilled , qualified, employable labor. The companies in Fort Bend focused on advanced manufacturing often need talent with specific skills, and those company executives work directly with the schools and colleges in Fort Bend to upskill existing employees or help build programs that support the next generation of the labor force with the cutting-edge skills needed to compete in the advanced manufacturing sector.

Available Sites & Business Parks

Although one of the fastest growing counties and the tenth largest county in Texas, Fort Bend is only 40 percent developed. There is significant land available, often owned by a single land owner, in the Western part of the county with access to Interstate 69 and Port Freeport. 

The East side of the county has large, deed restricted business parks such as Lakeview Business Park, Park 8Ninety, and the Sugar Land Business Park, each with exceptional access to the rest of Greater Houston. 

Manufacturing companies on both sides of the county have access to available sites, a skilled workforce, infrastructure that connects the county to the ports and rest of Greater Houston, and a community that is pro-business.