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The Fort Bend Economic Development Council (FBEDC) and our economic development partners work collaboratively, and are dedicated to business development and retention, corporate relocation and expansion, innovation and technology, and entrepreneurship in Fort Bend County, Texas.  

Our History

The Fort Bend Economic Development Council is a public-private partnership established in 1986 to promote vitality and to ensure quality development in Fort Bend County.  We still adhere to our founding principles:

  • Coordinate and improve the economic vitality of Fort Bend County by promoting and preserving a positive business and investment climate;

  • Advocate for infrastructure sufficient to sustain quality growth

  • A Nexus between the public and private sector, ensuring cooperation and collaboration to facilitate solutions to geo-political challenges

  • Actively identify and engage in business recruitment and support the development of master planned communities

Our Members

The FBEDC is a membership-based organization and the county’s economic development consultant.  Members include business and community organizations, public sector leadership, and private industry particularly those in the development community. 

Our Services

The FBEDC works on behalf of the county and our membership grow the county’s commercial footprint. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • We provide Information on available real estate and business facilities within county.

  • We assist with workforce training and recruitment.

  • We are the point of contact for application and negotiation of available county incentive packages.

  • We are the businesses liaison with the cities and county government officials.

  • We provide expertise on Fort Bend County’s business community and key industries within the county.

  • We make introductions to key strategic partners and community and government leaders.

  • We market the county for business retention as well as recruitment and expansion

  • We advocate for good public policy.

  • We support innovation and technology initiatives within the county.

Our Priorities


Championing the causes that support and grow the business culture in Fort Bend County, the FBEDC working with our economic development partners are leading advocates in the county for economic growth, quality development, enhanced workforce programs, innovation, and pro-business policies on a local, state, and federal level. We support public policy that encourages businesses to relocate to and expand within the county, commit capital investment, and retain and create quality jobs.

In preparation for the Texas legislative session every two years, Fort Bend EDC, working with our partners at all five chambers,  approve a business forward agenda of legislative priorities.

Learn more about the FBEDC 2022 Legislative Conference and our view stakeholders legislative agendas (updated as provided).

Marketing & Business Recruitment

The FBEDC administers the Fort Bend County Marketing Program (FBCMP), a public-private funded program that is committed to a comprehensive, strategic marketing approach to attract and recruit businesses from other parts of Greater Houston and around the globe.  The FBCMP promotes the merits, amenities, and pro-business culture of Fort Bend County to business owners, site selectors, and consultants through targeted campaigns. From international outreach to cutting edge online exposure, our message points forward, identifying new opportunities to extol the benefits of doing business in Fort Bend County.

Combined with a targeted marketing program, the FBEDC engages in traditional business recruitment, specifically targeting businesses that align with our identified key industry sectors.  Collaborating with regional allies and leadership from all cities in Fort Bend and supporting the cities recruitment priorities, we work closely with brokers and developers to ensure Fort Bend County is top of mind in the development community.

Access & Infrastructure 

The FBEDC and its partners provide leadership for and advocate on behalf of responsible infrastructure development and additional master planned communities. Comprehensive infrastructure, from municipal utility and levee improvement districts to highway system and rail services that supports a county growing at exponential rates, is the precursor to growth that is both sustainable and impactful.

Supporting projects such as the Interstate 69 expansion, the extension of the Grand Parkway Toll Road, the development of the 36A highway system, and maintaining and enhancing the system of municipal utility and levee districts, the FBEDC is a strong voice of support for the on-going efforts to provide an infrastructure system that ensures the county leads the region in mobility, safety, access to markets, and long-term growth.

Innovation & Technology

Although not traditional economic development, the new economy demands successful communities support and embrace opportunities to innovate and use technology to solve problems. Working with regional organizations, growing our local innovation eco-system through strategic partnerships, and identifying innovators and entrepreneurs in the community, the FBEDC facilities innovative solutions and supports a community culture that facilities entrepreneurialism and welcomes innovators.

Creating synergies with organizations such as the Cannon and leading community experts, FBEDC, working with our partners, seeks opportunities to induce innovation into such challenges and vaccine distribution and health care solutions. 

Workforce Initiatives

The FBEDC recognizes that economic development is more than business recruitment.  It is important to have a community that can support a business expansion or relocation, and we recognize no factor is more critical than a quality workforce. Working with regional partners, we build relationships between businesses and workforce resources to ensure our workforce can meet the needs of our business community.

Coordinating pilot programs with businesses, identifying workforce solution resources, working with our partners in education to develop specific training programs, and nurturing a culture of on-going education and upskilling, the FBEDC works with all parties to ensure the talent pool in Fort Bend remains one of our strongest community assets.

Quality of Life

Fort Bend County has always been identified with exceptional quality of life and a wonderful place to live.  The master planned community developers in Fort Bend have led the effort to create safe, inclusive, walkable, communities with amenity-rich attributes and neighborhood schools.  The FBEDC recognizes the need to work with developers and local leaders to encourage the growth of additional planned communities throughout the county. Enhanced road systems, improved home values, and exceptional neighborhood-anchored retail, master planned communities support the type of quality development that makes Fort Bend County an attractive option for families and businesses alike.

Member Engagement and Education

The FBEDC has always been and continues to be an intersection where the public and private sector can meet to collaborate and solve problems.  Our  monthly general membership meetings provide opportunities for this type of collaboration and offer opportunities to foster relationships with key business, government and community leaders.  

Understanding that information is power, our member meetings features speakers who deliver presentations on the most significant issues relevant today to the business community. Whether it is economic forecasting, public policy, or introduction of new businesses and industries to the county, the monthly general meetings expose members to up-to-date information on the most important issues facing the business community and our empower our members with information to help their businesses and the larger business community.

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