Foreign Trade Zone | Fort Bend Economic Development Council

Port Freeport sponsors Foreign-Trade Zone (FTZ) #149 which covers all of  Fort Bend County.  Qualified companies engaged in international shipping may apply for tax protections through this program.

The Foreign Trade Zone is a powerful tool to assist qualifying companies in our region.  The Fort Bend Economic Development Council can assist you with learning more about the FTZ or the application process.  

Most cities within Fort Bend County offer incentive packages to qualified companies as well.  Companies are encouraged to contact city representatives for information on what is available in each municipality.

Workforce training and other area and state assistance may be available, and FBEDC staff can direct companies to available local resources.

The FBEDC will assist with other areas and state assistance if applicable.  

Please reach out to the EDC staff at 281-240-0000 or for further information.