Talent Attraction Has Never Mattered More! | Fort Bend Economic Development Council

In a nation divided, watchful of inflation, and concerned with supply chain challenges, everyone can agree on one thing- COVID-19, and all its iterations, have changed America and Americans.  Workers and families have re-prioritized what matters most, companies have embraced remote working and soft benefits to promote quality of life.  Education has resurfaced as a critical issue when choosing where to live and build a future. 

Communities have begun to reach out, touting their talent attraction strategies, as they should, but as for Fort Bend County, we are going back to the future.  For decades, this community has been known as the best part of Greater Houston, or as we like to say, Greater Houston’s Finest Address!  We never abandoned that strategy, always adhering to our quality-of-life message.  However, as one of the fastest growing counties in the nation we broadened our message to focus on business attraction and expansion, growing the commercial base, and providing jobs and opportunity.

But... COVID-19! Remote working is a real, sustainable option for millions of workers. Individuals and families are now looking for green spaces and outdoor amenities, inclusive communities, safe neighborhoods, and exceptional schools. Workers want to live, and then work, not the other way around.  Communities like Fort Bend County are back to sharing our story of excellence and success to attract talent from across the nation and around the globe.

Why Fort Bend County, Texas?!

  • 52.4% of the Fort Bend labor pool has an associate degree or higher, highest in the region

  • 47.9%  of the local labor talent has a bachelor’s degree or higher, highest in the region. See more on our Workforce Pipeline.

  • Fort Bend County is the most diverse county in the region, with an almost identical statistical breakdown among cultural groups

  • Fort Bend County has the highest innovation index in the Houston Metro

  • The cost of living in Fort Bend is the second best in the nation, number one in Texas

  • Fort Bend County’s workforce totals nearly 400,000, and the regional labor shed exceeds 3.1 million people

  • With no state income tax and responsible tax policy, Fort Bend has one of the lowest tax burdens compared to similar sized counties

  • Fort Bend is home to some of the nation’s top ranked master planned communities.

The success story will only continue to expand, as our population is expected to reach 1 million people in the next five years, adding to the richness and uniqueness that is Fort Bend County, Texas.

You can live here, work here (or there via remote), and succeed here.  Fort Bend is still Greater Houston’s Finest Address!

Since 2000, Fort Bend has almost tripled in population and is expected to reach 1 million people in the next several years. Fort Bend has focused on supporting sustainable growth to ensure that the community has access to high-quality programs and infrastructure. At nearly 900 square miles, Fort Bend leads the region in the quality of our master-planned communities, level of educational attainment, population diversity, median household income, and purchasing power.