Fort Bend Economic Development Council Board acts unanimously in support of FBISD bond election | Fort Bend Economic Development Council

[Fort Bend County, Texas] – On February 16, The Fort Bend EDC Board of Directors unanimously passed a Resolution of Support for the Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) bond election scheduled for May 6, 2023.

Fort Bend Independent School District (FBISD) currently serves approximately 80,000 students and is the 5th largest school district in Texas with more than 80 campuses. The district is facing several challenges including aging facilities, new capacity in growing parts of the district, consolidation and optimization in other parts of the district, and needs for transportation and technology upgrades as well as a third natatorium in the southeast section of the large land mass district.

The FBISD’s Board of Trustees called for a $ 1.2 billion dollar bond election which will be positioned in three propositions. Proposition A ($1.16B) addresses existing school improvements, new schools, school consolidation and rebuilds, safety, and transportation enhancement; Proposition B ($52.5M) will upgrade the district’s technology capacity and provide computer upgrades, and Proposition C ($22.9M) focuses on a third natatorium.

“Good schools and great communities have powered Fort Bend County’s interest and growth for decades,” said Jeff Wiley, President and CEO of the Fort Bend EDC. “From home value growth to business and talent attraction, communities with good schools that deliver great educational outcomes will produce significant community benefit.”

FBISD must address aging facilities and infrastructure, Wiley emphasized, if they are to continue to provide exceptional public education to the community. “Unfortunately, we have many schools in a state of aging that have significant maintenance needs. We also need new school capacity in growing areas and strategic consolidation in other parts of the district. As a community committed to building quality growth in Fort Bend County, we must pass all three propositions. It is vital to our community’s future.”

Early voting begins April 24th and election day is May 6th. The last day to register to vote is April 6th. For more information, please contact Lauren Fuller at (469) 834 – 4811.

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