Booming in The Bend: Fort Bend County’s Economic Prosperity | Fort Bend Economic Development Council
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In the heart of the Greater Houston region lies Fort Bend County, a testament to the power of a business-friendly environment in driving economic growth and fostering job opportunities. The county is rapidly emerging as a leading employment hub, boasting a civilian labor force of over 400,000 individuals and drawing from a regional labor catchment of 3.4 million, an impressive foundation for a thriving commercial landscape.

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From 2018 onwards, the county has witnessed a steady 4.9% surge in job growth across all industries, with forecasted industry growth of 3.1%. Anchoring this growth is an expanding commercial sector, currently valued at over $25 billion dollars. Projections for growth are particularly promising in industries such as advanced manufacturing, corporate headquarters, innovation-driven enterprises, biotechnology, and healthcare, as well as logistics and warehousing

Integral to Fort Bend County's success is its solution-oriented, pro-business government, fostering a collaborative environment that extends across the community. This commitment is supported by the absence of a state income tax, modest local taxes, and the embrace of business-friendly regulations. The symbiotic relationship between local government and economic development entities bolsters the Greater Houston region and ensures a seamless integration of new businesses into the county from biotech companies to innovative developments.

Testifying for this collaboration is Meristem Communities, a recent addition to Fort Bend. Their mission to create people-centric master-planned communities found a supportive home in Fort Bend. "We found immense support from Fort Bend County and the City of Richmond, who not only understood but welcomed our vision for Indigo," said Scott Snodgrass, Founding Partner with Meristem Communities. "Richmond's unified development code already included many of the variances we were seeking, demonstrating their willingness to welcome innovative housing types."

As Fort Bend County continues to evolve, it stands resolute and well-prepared to meet the demands of today's job market and the challenges of tomorrow.